About Us


Founder & Business Consultant


At the age of five, while playing house with friends, I blurted out, "I just make money" and decided then and there to leave the whole "playing house" scene.  I have always had the mind of an entrepreneur, I am constantly coming up with new business ideas and my family and friends are never surprised when I "just go for it."

After my Dad retired from the Navy, our family joined my Uncle Rick in the traveling concessions business.  My appetite for small business grew at the age of 9 when I learned how to efficiently and effectively run an ice cream trailer.  I quickly learned the importance of placing customers first while presenting a clean, professional image.

As a full-time college student, I became a house manager for two physicians while serving as a nanny for two attorneys.  I loved serving these busy professionals in their homes to enable them to have quality time with their families. 

After graduating, I synergized my love for cleaning with my passion for helping victims of human trafficking by creating Freedom Cleaning in 2014 in Louisville, KY.  We serve residential clients with organic cleanings while donating to organizations that help victims of modern-day slavery.

Freedom's team and clientele grew quickly and I launched a second location in Lexington, KY two and a half years later. In the summer of 2017, I met my husband Andrew, who serves in the United States Air Force.  He quickly swept me off my feet and we tied the knot in March of 2018. 

Life as an active duty military spouse has challenges, but also creates opportunities to serve individuals in unique ways and on a larger scale.  After six and half years as a business owner, I have operated a company in two different locations, while managing a skilled Team from three different states. I am incredibly proud of the professional growth I’ve seen in my Team as their unique gifts have helped make Freedom what it is today! 

I am thrilled at the opportunity to come alongside other small business owners in the cleaning industry and share my personal experience and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.  In my free time I enjoy finding the best local ice cream shop in town, making coffee dates with friends, exploring new places, relaxing at the beach, enjoying interior design, and watching Kentucky and Lakers’ basketball!



Graphic Designer

Mollie Edwards is a long-time graphic design hobbyist. She resides in the village of Thiensville, Wisconsin, and is an Admissions Representative for a school in Milwaukee. When she is not taking care of her two children, she likes to visit local coffee shops to read theology books and plan adventures in an old-fashioned analog agenda. She has been married to Daniel since 2012.

Mollie also worked with Rosalynn in 2014 and contributed to the early-stage success of Freedom Cleaning. 



Executive Assistant

Mary Perez is a fresh member of the team. Before joining Cleanstart Consulting, she was a Director of Operations for a start-up digital marketing agency based in the Philippines that catered to foreign clients. She has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Legal Management. Right after graduating, she worked for a real estate company as an admin assistant. After working for almost 2 years, she went straight to the BPO industry where she met Jay, her husband, and found her way to the freelancing world.

She married Jay in 2018. Mary is now a full-time mom, housewife, and my executive assistant. She has her entire day spending quality time with her family while working at home.

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