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Uncategorized Aug 11, 2021

What to Bring to a Home Estimate 

I thoroughly enjoy home estimates. It is an opportunity to meet new families in our community but also an opportunity to add value to a potential client’s life by giving them back more time and less stress so they can be present with their friends and family!

There are 4 items I make sure to have with me before I walk in the door.


  • Client agreement form

    This form shows the level of thought and professionalism your company is founded. It's better to know up front if your potential client’s expectations and your business expectations are on the same page. Or if not, can you provide a solution, or is it better for both parties to find different business? 

  • Proof of Insurance

    Most elite homes will not let you clean without having at least a million dollar policy in place. This gives your potential clients peace of mind to know you have the right policy in case accidents happen.

  • Cleaning Checklist

    Showing what your company does in writing and where you have the confidence to sign off on every cleaning speaks volumes! This also helps with any confusion on what you do or don’t cover for the different services you may offer. 

  • Calendar 

    Have on hand 1-3 potential options to put a new client on the home. I usually have an initial cleaning option and 1-2 options for recurring services (i.e. biweekly on Tuesdays, or once a month on Mondays)

  • In-take Home Estimate Form

    Easy place for me to write down important information, help me ask the crucial questions, and stay organized so when I go back to the office everything is in one place. Get if for FREE when you sign up on my newsletter.

Learn more how you canmake Home Estimates an effective way to establish long-term relationship with your clients.




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