Interview Questions for Your Business

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2021


Helpful interview questions to gauge whether an applicant is the one you are looking for.


1. Why do you want this job?


It’s helpful to know if the motivation is more about money, change of career, change of hours, flexibility etc.


2. Tell me what you are most proud about, whether it’s in your personal or professional life.


You cannot directly ask if someone has kids, which I respect but it usually comes out in this question. Or you have the opportunity to hear an experience someone has overcome that’s shaped them to who they are today which gives you a better glimpse of your candidate.


3. If you broke something while cleaning, what would you do?


An integrity question but also see if one has thought about their initial thoughts. After they share I do tell them our company policy on this one. 


4. If you saw money lying around at a job site, what would you do?


 The reaction to this question is quite interesting. People may immediately respond, others may look puzzled. After I hear their response I can follow up with our company policy on this one.


5. What would you do if another team member wasn’t doing their job and you felt the weight of most of the work?


This question is not a right or wrong answer, but it helps me asses their personality. Is someone comfortable comforting or not? Would they come directly to management or try to work on it first? This is where I also emphasize open-door policy but also a “got your back like a backpack” mentality and how we foster that at Freedom. 

6. How do you handle conflict?


You can get a feel if someone is going to cause drama on the team. Or you can get a feel if someone will not say anything but it could also build to resentment and an employee who feels more weight of responsibility on jobs.


7. Are there any important dates or events in the future you need time off from?

This is helpful to know especially if you hire college students. Are they staying through holiday break or going back home to their parents? Do you have a policy about when someone cannot ask for time off during a particular busy season at your company?


8. If you know you are running late to a job, what would you do?

This is important because it shows the level of responsibility and care they have towards your company and with the team they are working with and also if they are good communicators. 


9. If a client asked you to do something extra that is not on the checklist, how would you respond?

This question measures if your potential employee has a heart to serve, while yet understanding there are boundaries as well. Again a great place to share you have a policy on what you all offer and don’t offer in your services.


10. As a normal procedure we always run background checks, is there anything I might find surprising when I run it?

This allows for a prospective employee to be open and honest if there is something on their record.


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