4 Wisdom Business Gems I’ve Received

business leadership lessons Jun 16, 2021


1. “Hire people that really need the money.”- Joe S.

A CEO of a healthcare provider company told me this back in 2014.

He’s right. I often found a parent was providing more than half a college students’ living expenses; their work availability fluctuated to where it was more a hobby than a need, more for I need to make more money for an upcoming trip than monthly fixed expenses. 


2. “You should be paying yourself double who your highest paying employee.” - Janet P.

Know your worth! Remember all the countless hours you’re on the clock; you are not getting paid. It’s not just when you’re cleaning homes, but remember bookkeeping, marketing, networking, home estimates, supply and equipment errands, etc. 


3. “Don’t just hire anyone with a pulse” - Jason Y. 

Ah, it can be tempting with a long waitlist of clients to go on a mass hiring spree, but don’t do it. The cost to interview and call references, background checks, and onboarding a new team member is costly. Never settle because your company brand is vital to keep to your company’s mission.


4. “Separate your business life and personal life physically in your home.”- Women Business owners. 

Find ways to keep your business supplies and equipment and office in sections of your home (if you work out of your place) separate from areas of your home life. Even not bringing back work to your bedroom (oops!) so your brain distinguishes rest mode and works duty mode.



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