4 Words That May Change Your Life And Your Business

business mentorship Jun 02, 2021


I was sharing for like the 5th week in a row the struggles of being a new business owner in a small group, and the look on people’s faces was blank, or the advice given was not helpful, but of course, they meant well.


Determined to talk to someone who truly has been in my shoes and not only survived but thrived, I reached out to a lady I learned whose husband was an extraordinary entrepreneur. Not normally suggested, but this lady was also a cleaning client of mine for a few months. 


The first meeting went something like this; I kid you not. Small talk then me bursting into tears from exhaustion, frustrations, and somewhat confusion of what I got myself into having a cleaning business.

I was met with such tender eyes of empathy and words of deep encouragement and tangible bite-size advice. It didn’t stop there; at the end, she offered to meet again, and I can’t count the number of times a phone call, chat over a meal or other events we have shared.


So, what are the words that will change your life? 


“Get a business mentor.” 


Seven years later, she is a very dear friend, confidant in my professional and personal life. She threw an amazing wedding shower for me at her home and offered her Florida home as a wedding gift for a week if my husband and I wanted to go. 

This past week we had breakfast. The same caring heart asked me specific questions about my business and assured me certain things as a business owner were fitting and right even though it can be met with opposition from employees who do not see everything a business owner does.


If you don’t have anyone, I’d love to be that for you! There’s no silly question and no judgment here. I have had plenty of highs and lows, failures, and successes in business.

If you have been following for me for some time now, I hope you see that I am transparent and real because I know people don’t want to hear the successes but how I’ve kept on going even when met with discouragement, mistakes, and roadblocks. 


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You do not need to go through your business journey alone!


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