7 Lessons Over 7 Years

lessons reflections tips Mar 22, 2021

1. If you don’t trust your team then don’t hire them! (2014)

You can’t create a successful business without incredible team members; if you are stressing about someone, ask yourself if it’s legitimate or if you’re just being a control freak.


2. It’s a marathon, not a sprint (2015)

Take one day at a time, celebrate big and little wins, turn failures into lessons, and remember each day is a new opportunity to grow.


3. Products are not all the same (2016) 

Buying quality products and equipment can save you from back pain, carpal tunnel, and excessive elbow grease.  


4. Do your research when opening another branch (2017)

It can be exciting to expand, but study a different town for pricing expectations, and learn what families focus on based on the housing costs within their town. 


5. Leadership starts and stops with you (2018)

If you are having a difficult season in life outside of work, your team will catch on, so learn how to be authentic, but still remember your team is counting on you!


6. You cannot be in 2 places at once (2019)

After almost 2 years living in different states at times while running a business, you need a strategic plan for the leadership within your company and a well-laid-out remote plan for what realistically you can and cannot do based on physical location. 


7. A fresh perspective is helpful (2020)

Sometimes to help move your business forward you need new eyes on your company that can spot challenges, but not be afraid to potentially push the status quo. 


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