A Beautiful Business Captures Hearts

There is no single business owner out there who hasn’t dealt with discouragement, failure, and wonder why they started this business.

As much as I love cleaning, I didn’t wake up one day thinking, “oh, I want to be cleaner!” 

No, instead, I had my heart set on pursuing law school, becoming a federal prosecutor for 10 years, and then moving on to work for an international organization that fights for justice and the protection of human trafficking victims worldwide. 

But I didn’t let my failure to get into law school stop me. I’d be lying if I said the sting of rejection didn’t hurt; there’s still a little wound to this day. Yet, I looked deeply into why I wanted to be a federal prosecutor and looked for a creative solution that tied my passion for helping hurting women to life's next adventure. I recalled the multiple times sitting in the Louisville human trafficking task force and hearing about incredible nonprofits that wanted to be tangible beacons of hope to women seeking shelter from oppression. So many ideas, such big hearts, but little funding.

Was there a way I could tie in my love for helping victims of trafficking by creating a business to give back? Could I take cleaning and elevate it as good work by paying my team way above minimum wage and treating them more like family? Could I create a space where those who aren’t familiar with the atrocities of trafficking would gain a new perspective of a world that desperately hurts individuals?

We each have something unique in our hearts that makes them beat more quickly, puts fire in our eyes, and quickness in our steps. Only you will know what it is, and though it may seem silly in your mind, speak it out loud. 

Make sure when you start a company, you know in your heart your “why.” Your business is a service or product but don’t just stop there. Your business tells a story. How can you help one person and therefore make a world of difference in someone’s life? I can already tell you it’s a beautiful story waiting to be written. You are just the right person for the job. A purpose-filled business encourages and strengthens communities. 

What story do you want to leave your clients who wish to learn more or partner in your mission? Is it bigger than your business? If so, you’ve built a company that captures hearts and is beautiful.


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