Building Trust with Clients

company mission trust Jun 30, 2021

“What was it that made you look for another cleaning service?” I was at one of 3 home estimates that day.

“We came home early and saw the cleaners opening up our night stand drawers and pulling things out in other cabinets...

We honestly felt violated.”

Wow. This client had this couple cleaning their home for 5 years and unexpectedly came upon this. 

I felt embarrassed as a service provider for them. It takes a major level of trust for clients to let someone in their home, much less have basically full access when they’re not there.

Whenever I step foot in someone’s home I understand it’s a huge honor. 

It takes a great deal of trust, trust that can easily be broken.


Here are 5 ways to build trust and maintain it with your clients.

  1. Prepare for a home estimate 

Ensure you bring proof of insurance, list of the products you use, a cleaning checklist, and your service agreement form. 

Do you research beforehand and look ahead on your calendar for options for an initial cleaning and future cleanings?


  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Make sure your clients know who’s going to be at their home, if there’s a chance you can’t keep the same rotating day due to availability let them know ASAP, and give them options. If a new employee comes to their home to clean let them know ahead of time so they aren’t surprised.


  1. Take responsibility when your company has made a mistake.

Never make excuses when your team has failed to clean an area, has done a poor job, or has broken an item. Remind them it’s your company and regardless who’s in their home you’re ultimately responsible.  Be transparent of why a service was not to the company’s standard and offer a solution.


  1. Listen before speaking

Sometimes people have bad days and can take it out on your company, but other times they may have a reason to be upset at you. Allow a client to express their emotions and check your mind and heart to not be in defensive mode. 

Listening often helps de-escalate a problem even before coming up with an opportunity to share what options they have to possibly correct a problem your company may have caused.


  1. Take a true vested interest in your clients.

Remember the little and big things they care about in their homes that need to be cleaned that may have often been overlooked with a previous company. Remember special events and their service anniversaries so you can celebrate them and show gratitude to being allowed to take a small place in their lives to enable them to succeed at work and in the home. 


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