How to Learn from Failure

business lessons succes Jul 28, 2021

A great mentor/ coach is going to share with you both the wins but also their losses. No successful person arrives immediately to their peak performance. Success comes from perseverance. From not quoting  when the bottom falls out and learning to embrace difficult situations in order to come out on the other side stronger and wiser.

I can easily say most of my life my number one fear was failure. Doesn’t sound right, as someone who’s started two businesses? Well, my cleaning company has helped shape my endurance and the ability to not just cope when the going gets tough but to rise about the challenge. But this wasn’t always the case.

I had my heart set on being an attorney for human trafficking cases. I saw myself as someone who would fight evil and seek justice for the oppressed and vulnerable.

Here I am 10 years now, not coming into work at a courtroom but SCRUBBING TOILETS for a living! Ha!


What would I tell myself  8-10 years ago about failure?

  1. Some things cannot be taught from a book but only through experience. Know that every experience or challenge is not wasted.
  2. When something you thought doesn’t work out, it’s not the end but the beginning. Know that a “no” can be an opportunity to pivot in business.
  3. Having some loses doesn’t mean you’re not smart and capable. Know you’re on the cusps of discovering an invaluable lesson.
  4. You are stronger than you believe about yourself 
  5. Know the emotions of failure are real but it does not define you if you’d don’t allow it .
  6. Challenges and disappointments shape you. Know you wouldn’t be you today without failures and you won’t continue to be the best version of yourself without experiences and lessons learned through them. 



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