10 Reasons to Have a Residential Cleaning Service

 Did you have people look at you like you were crazy when you mentioned wanting or starting a cleaning business?


I know I did.


Some spoke from their own personal fears of taking risks, others to be quite honest probably didn’t see cleaning services as an essential service that people should be paid for quality work. It’s one of the things that frustrates me in this field of work, when people consider cleaning as lesser than another profession. We know it’s not true.


A cleaning home is vital for our health, safety, and sanity.


So here are just 10 easy reasons I put together to encourage you if you’re in the doubting phase or if you are in the business already but having days you’re wondering WHY you’re in it.


  1. Cleaning is considered a necessity for two-income households!
  2. The Pandemic has elevated the cleaning industry as Essential!
  3. Starting a Cleaning Company is less expensive than other startup businesses- with quick profit.
  4. You get the reward of serving others in need physically or do to time constraints.
  5. You can choose the hours/days your business is open (help with family activities or personal travels).
  6. You get to build relationships in the community you never would have without your business.
  7. You get the opportunity to invest in your employees and provide a quality team culture.
  8. You get to give back to your community in the area of your passion through your business donations (i.e. mine, helping victims of human trafficking).
  9. You can grow your business to where you’re not working IN your business but ON your business.
  10. You can build a business to sell when you’re ready for a new chapter (you can’t sell a job)

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