The Phone Call

hiring lessons tips May 05, 2021

It was a call every business owner dreads happening

*Phone rings*


“Yes, this is Rosalynn.”

“Did anything seem to be off on the cleaning this week?”

 I answered puzzled, "No."

Finally, not able to handle the suspense, I go: “Sherry, can you just tell me what’s going on?”

The response was deafening, “My husband’s 3 out of 5 Rolex watches are missing.”

“Oh, and you think we stole them?”

“Well, I don’t but my husband does.”


At lunch that day, we all sat down at Chick-fil-A, and I brought to everyone’s attention the allegation.

The look of horror, disbelief, and deep hurt could be seen around the table.


“Wait, what?!” 

“She thinks we stole them?”

“We have been there for more than 6 months weekly, and she immediately decides it was us?”


I asked my team if they had gone into any drawers, which was an empathic,


I believed them. 


The client was flying for spring break vacation the day she called. I returned their key where I was asked the very same day.

 Upon their return,  my phone rings again, and it is Sherry. 


“Rosalynn, I am so sorry, but my husband found his watches. He forgot he was taking them to get new batteries, and they were in the console of his third car.”  


So, it took some time to learn the client had them in a particular drawer. 


“Wow. So glad you found them.”

“We would like for you guys to come back and clean for us.”


I was silent. In hindsight, I should have politely declined because the trust had already been broken.

But I said “Yes,” and the team cleaned for a few weeks, but it was too awkward for them.


  1. Who you hire is essential. You don’t want just to hire anyone who has a pulse. Make sure you’re considering potential team members with like-minded values.
  2. Protect your company by making sure there’s a verbal and written communication of what you will and will not do during your service.

We don’t go into cabinets and drawers or closets.  If they have a walk-in closet, we must get permission to vacuum in there.

  1.   Background checks and professional character references.

This should be pretty easy, but you may be tempted to just go off first impressions alone as a business owner. 

  1.   Trust your GUT

If you feel something is off during an interview or even during some cleanings, make sure you think long and hard if it’s valid and stay on the cautious side.


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