Ways to Celebrate Your Employees

employees human resources Jul 14, 2021

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, this cannot be more true than when it comes to your team


Here are 10 practical ideas to be the boss people gravitate towards and catch the company’s mission as their own.


  1.  Treat them with respect and kindness 
  2.  Listen in order to learn more about them
  3. Don’t send them to a job you yourself wouldn’t go
  4. Provide them space and mentoring to try new skills within the company or a place for their personal passion
  5. Create a culture of vision and positivity where they can thrive
  6. Look for ways to be generous outside of their paycheck (I.e. cover car expenses, grocery card, or housewarming gift, etc.) 
  7. Write a handwritten mailed card expressing gratefulness for a specific characteristic or action .
  8. Create annual events to give team time to foster relationships and to do something fun on company’s bill.
  9. Make a big deal about birthdays (Bundt cupcakes, balloons, signed birthday card from the team, and gifts. If able, send them home for rest of the day off work or paid day off entirely). 
  10. Annual holiday party at a nice steakhouse,  like Ruth Chris. Yummy! 

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