What to Charge?! (Taking up the challenge of pricing residential cleanings)

finances home estimates Sep 22, 2021

“I paid my last cleaner $80”


A prospective client told me who did not like my $150 home estimate after the initial walk-thru. This was back in 2014… but here we are in 2021 and what I price then is even different from now.


So, how do you know how to price a home? How do you respond to someone who always has a price much less than the one you gave?


This isn’t an easy answer.


Sure there are different metrics business owners use: sq ft. hourly rate, flat rate, etc. but then you throw in there your location because different areas of the United States alone can vary then you expand cleaning services to other amazing countries like, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa etc. and that just adds another layer. 

I don’t leave you hanging, I have a FREEBIE for you to download.

Inside the file is a video link as well to know how to use it. This is going to help take out the guessing work for you! You’ve got this!!


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