4 Wisdom Business Gems I’ve Received

business leadership lessons Jun 16, 2021


1. “Hire people that really need the money.”- Joe S.

A CEO of a healthcare provider company told me this back in 2014.

He’s right. I often found a parent was providing more than half a college students’ living expenses; their work availability fluctuated to where it...

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The Phone Call

hiring lessons tips May 05, 2021

It was a call every business owner dreads happening

*Phone rings*


“Yes, this is Rosalynn.”

“Did anything seem to be off on the cleaning this week?”

 I answered puzzled, "No."

Finally, not able to handle the suspense, I go: “Sherry, can you...

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7 Lessons Over 7 Years

lessons reflections tips Mar 22, 2021

1. If you don’t trust your team then don’t hire them! (2014)

You can’t create a successful business without incredible team members; if you are stressing about someone, ask yourself if it’s legitimate or if you’re just being a control freak.


2. It’s a...

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