The Phone Call

hiring lessons tips May 05, 2021

It was a call every business owner dreads happening

*Phone rings*


“Yes, this is Rosalynn.”

“Did anything seem to be off on the cleaning this week?”

 I answered puzzled, "No."

Finally, not able to handle the suspense, I go: “Sherry, can you...

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A Headhunter’s Tips on Hiring Employees

If you’ve been in the business for six months or more, you know that business often is a see-saw. You either do not have enough clients, or you do not have enough employees. If you have employees but not enough clients, your employees won’t have enough hours. If you have an abundance...

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7 Lessons Over 7 Years

lessons reflections tips Mar 22, 2021

1. If you don’t trust your team then don’t hire them! (2014)

You can’t create a successful business without incredible team members; if you are stressing about someone, ask yourself if it’s legitimate or if you’re just being a control freak.


2. It’s a...

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