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Imagine, after 6 months...

⁃ You have grown your business successfully without paying a fortune to Google, Facebook and other online search engines
⁃ You already know how to network locally like a professional
⁃ You have a robust website along with social media presence
⁃ You know about the 3 proven and overlooked outlets  to find quality employees
⁃  You have a concrete plan for onboarding and training new employees 
⁃  You are expert in pricing a home where you make consistent profits
⁃ You know what qualities and skill sets to look for in a manager
⁃ You can handle conflict and de-escalating upset clients with little stress
⁃ You have created and built a team that’s got your back like a backpack
⁃ And because you already have a system in place, you have time for family, friends, and You!
These are some of the amazing results you will have while having fun learning alongside a small group of like-minded business owners. Together we run hard after our dreams to strategically create the business that adds value to so many lives!

What You Will Get From the Mentoring Program:

Initial 60-min private coaching call.

This is the first coaching call to create a more customized plan to help you get crystal  clear steps on where your goals are and how to attain them in the next 3 months together.

Daily mobileapp communication

 This is for questions and concerns right at your fingertips.

* I have a daily scheduled time slot in order to protect my family schedule but I will always get back to you.

Twelve (Optional) 50-min Coaching Sessions

Mentoring calls for information and customized exercises or strategic steps that guarantee you to get the results you want to achieve in order to have a major breakthrough with your business.

Customized Materials

Save time and effort in creating your checklists, handouts, etc. Because I will be sharing with you my customized materials that you can use in your own cleaning business.

Weekly Group Coaching 

Live and recorded Zoom Sessions offered twice a week (a morning and evening session). Giving you the option of a mid-day or evening session.

Digital Products Discount

For those who have paid the mentoring program, they will receive during the duration of the program a 10% discount on any items on my digital store.

 I just want to say, “thank you, thank you, thank you! Your training just changed my business. I already feel that you've already changed my business, and I'm eternally grateful to you. I'm so happy!”- Chary


"Rosalynn I am now crystal clear that I made the right decision to reach out to you and the right decision to pursue this endeavor.  Our meeting on yesterday reminded me to trust my gut and that quiet whisper because nothing is by accident or coincidence it’s simply God giving us a wink to confirm what we are doing and feeling is within his spirit and it’s his way of saying what we are doing and feeling is accurate and within the scope of his plans for me, you and the community at large. . ." - Felicia
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You will get instant access of our TOOLBOX, an owner's dream come true. 

Done-For-You essential materials. This is a sneak peek (too many to list!)
  •  cleaning solutions and equipment resource guide
  • email templates
  • social media templates for Facebook and Instagram
  • revenue and expense spreadsheets (easy to use!)
  • weekly manager duties and responsibilities checklist
  • employee application and onboarding materials... and more!

Common questions we solve...

How do I gain new clients?

How do I choose cleaning products and equipment?

How do I create an inexpensive dynamic website?

How do I automate processes with scheduling? 

How do I ensure my clients are happy with my services?

How do I hire my first employee?

How do I build a team that has my back like a backpack?

How do I know I am covering my costs AND making PROFIT? 

How do I best utilize my time as an owner?

What do I look for in a full-time manager?

What tasks do I delegate?

What do I need for a home estimate?

What do I do when a client complains about a service?


I need a mentor! 

The next 6 months are going to be a GAME-CHANGER for me and my business!

I'm Ready!
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How I Can Help


Whether you’re just launching a new cleaning business or have been in the business for some time, having one person who has your back and is there for you can make a world of difference. 


I created this mentoring program because I am passionate about helping people in real-time. Courses definitely have their place, and being able to go back and rewatch a video or have an organized training manual/system is super important, but it's not enough. Questions come up all time because business is always evolving.


This mentorship program is for those of you who want that personal touch. You want to have someone you can ask business questions, share and bounce off ideas, vent when clients or employees don’t understand your struggles as a business owner, and celebrate your wins together daily!


This is my heartbeat.


I know firsthand how a mentor can radically change your life professionally and personally. Some mentors have become lifelong friends; others I have benefited from their expertise for a season which has proved invaluable and accelerated my business growth.


 Wherever you are on this incredible business journey, please know you do not have to do it alone. Gosh, I tried doing it alone in my first year of business, and I was miserable.



that could have been easily prevented if I had just had that one person I could reach out to.


And so, I created CleanStart Consulting to help other small cleaning business owners worldwide grow and strengthen their businesses.


I specialize in building structure in operations, creating a team culture where everyone is 100% committed, and fostering amazing client relationships. I am committed to making sure the cleaning owners are seen, heard, and understood first while building a successful business.


If this sounds like a great fit for you, message me!

Also for YOU the business owner...

I believe we cannot pour from an empty cup, so there's a whole section devoted to you and your self-care. You also have daily access to me because building a business is lonely, but you do not have to do it alone like I did. I'm here for your success and sanity!! You CAN do this! I believe in you! 

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This is probably the last batch for this year.

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